Experience the moments once, then relive them forever.

“To the world you may be just a mother, but to your child you are the world” – Unknown

Your story is important. From the moment you see that tiny heartbeat on the screen, or the first time you feel the unmistakable flutters in your belly, right through to when you are watching your own children have children of their own, your story deserves to be captured, remembered and told, passed down through generations.

So often, we mamas are the ones behind the camera, telling the stories that we see through photographs. How often have you been in the pictures, as a part of the story (beyond iPhone selfies, anyway)?

My mission is to get mothers into the photographic story of their children’s life, rather than behind the lens. We are the centre of their universe, especially when they are tiny babies, but beyond that, too. We grow them, we birth them, we feed them and nurture them, we play with them, we laugh with them, we cry with them, we love them unconditionally.

One day, when the baby clothes and toys are packed away, when the house is quiet and still (and you can eat a meal without having to do disaster recovery afterwards), being able to look back on this record of your children’s lives, on your own journey as a mother, to relive those moments, will be something you will never regret.

Capturing memories of these years is important – for us, and for them.

So, let’s tell your story. You deserve it.

Why Choose Jen?

Jen has been capturing birth and motherhood since soon after the birth of her second child in 2010. She has attended almost 100 births in a variety of settings, both as a doula and photographer/videographer. Jen brings with her a vast range of knowledge and experience, as well as a deep respect for women and their journeys of motherhood, and strongly believes that mothers deserve to have memories made with their children, to have their stories honoured and celebrated, and remembered.

Choosing Jen to capture your story isn’t just choosing someone with a camera to click some buttons. She will find out what matters most to you, she will hold space for you, she will engage and have fun with your children, so that their true personalities can shine, and the love and connection between your family will be palpable. She aims to capture photographs that will transport you back to how you felt at that very moment in time.

“Words can’t describe what she has managed to capture for us to relive over and over again… Her supportive nature assisted to empower me to labour and birth naturally, which shocked me entirely… Jen was the best addition to our birth story and we recommend her highly”

– Christy

“Jen is amazing!! Travelled across country, even though her original plans had changed, and took the most amazing photos of my family in the Red Centre! I adore them – best birthday present ever! Definitely recommend her!”

– Nicole

“Jen is so passionate about the services she offers. Her passion really shows in her photography and in everything she does and how open she is to share information. I highly recommend her as a photographer and she is an amazing woman who goes above and beyond for the benefit of her clients.
Jen is amazing and we are so grateful for everything she has done and the gorgeous photos and memories that we have.”

– Aimee

“A gorgeous woman who is beyond passionate about supporting mothers and women. Actually, all human beings. I highly recommend Jen!”

– Brandie

“Jen, I will always be forever grateful for you, holding my space during the birth of my 5th babe, knowing how fragile I was. You came in to document it, and that you did, so beautifully, but you did so much more. Your calm presence and upmost respect for all birthing mothers makes you so valuable to all who come in contact with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me, and for everything you stand for.

Much love, Aimée”

– Aimee R

“Jen visited us at our home to capture our first moments as a family with our 5 day old son. I myself am a photographer and chose her after admiring her work for some time. She lived up to every expectation and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. The images have bought happy tears to my eyes and are something we can never replace. Thank you, Jen” 


– Grace

“5 stars just isn’t enough!!! There is absolutely no price I can put on having the precious photos and video of our journey, the beautiful moments captured along the way that even I didn’t know was happening as I was so in the zone. We are so happy and glad we chose Jen to follow us and be a part of our journey. She is not only our photographer but now our friend and someone we hold dear to our hearts, and we look forward to having her continue to follow our journey over the years!”


– Hannah G

“We have had family, birth and newborn shoots with Jen. Have loved each and every session. Family shoots she has always managed to capture the essence of our childrens’ personalities, which is no easy task at times! Highly recommend.”


– Kylie

“The images she captured that day, still make me weep but in a good way. They lift me up and give me strength to find acceptance for the hand I was dealt and help me to move forward with positivity.”


– Kate

“We finally decided to go ahead and book Jen to create our birth video. But we got so much more. Her video has given us the ability to relive the moments of intimate connection we shared as husband and wife working together to bring our child earth side. Many of these moments would have been forgotten – labour is such an out of body experience… Final product aside, Jen herself is a part of the package. Jen’s presence added to our birth experience. I felt no judgment or need to perform. I felt completely safe with her in my space. Over the weeks leading up to and following the birth, Jen shared in the excitement, celebration, and reflections, always having a supportive and encouraging message to share. And there’s also the reassurance of Jen’s other role as a doula and mother – she gets it. Her understanding of women’s needs and birth psyche show in every aspect of her service. ”


– Caitlin

“Words can’t express how grateful we are for that Jen has done for us. It goes further than simply taking photos of our daughter’s birth. Having photos taken during a c-section is not a common practice so I knew making it happen would be a difficult process. Jen genuinely wanted me to have my dream of having my daughter’s birth documented, a reality… Jen was never intrusive and truly captured some very raw and emotional moments that would have been lost if it wasn’t for her. The photos are simply breathtaking and as the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, Jens images truly say two thousand.”


– Elissa


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