Newborn Photography FAQ

What is the best time to have newborn photos taken?

For those beautiful sleepy, curled up newborn portraits, I recommend the photos be taken between 7-15 days old. It’s important to consider booking your newborn session during your pregnancy, to ensure that you don’t miss out! However, I also accept older babies – at any age – because I know that they will never be THIS little again. Older newborns (past 3 weeks) will sometimes be photographed in a slightly different style, as they may not be as sleepy, but there are still so many opportunities for beautiful portraits.

Do you do sessions in a studio or outdoors?

I have a fully equipped newborn studio in Gatton where my newborn portrait sessions are held. I have a wide range of props including blankets, baskets, wraps, hats, headbands and knitted outfits available. However, my style is to use these props in a simple and timeless way, with a focus on the baby, and the connection between family members. I do offer limited outdoor newborn portraits in the warmer months.

How long does a newborn session take?

A newborn session typically takes 2-3 hours. My priority is to make sure that everybody is happy, safe and comfortable, as well as getting a good variety of different photographs – this means that we will likely need to take time for feeding, settling and changing your baby during the session, which is absolutely normal and OK! I understand that babies are not predictable, they are little people with their own needs, and that it is most important that we are respectful of those needs.

What do we wear to our newborn session?

I have a range of wraps and knitted outfits for baby to wear (and sometimes they wear nothing at all!). However, you are most welcome to bring any special outfits or accessories you would like incorporated into the session – including clothes, blankets, teddies, jewellery or other sentimental items. For mums, dads and older siblings, wearing subtle, neutral clothing (avoiding “busy” patterns, and choosing neutral colours such as whites, greys, creams or browns) is best for creating beautiful portraits that focus on the love and connection. However, the most important thing is that you all feel comfortable! I am happy to consult with you prior to the session about outfit choices and accessories.

Can my partner and other children be involved?

Absolutely! I encourage partners and older children to be involved, too – it’s just as exciting for them to be welcoming another baby into the family, and part of your family’s story. Often, it’s the images showing the excitement and connection between a new family that I, and my clients, love the most! I will usually do photos with older siblings involved at the beginning of the session while they are still happy and “fresh”. It’s important to be prepared and have a plan for them, as small children may get tired, hungry and/or bored (completely understandable!). This might mean that when their photos are finished, they can be taken out of the studio to eat and play. Or it may mean bringing along their favourite toy, some colouring books or a tablet to keep them occupied.

Can we do the session in my home?

Sure we can! In-home newborn portraits are a more relaxed, candid option, where we capture the “real life” moments of life with a brand new person. No props, and minimal posing. You will be given guidance and encouragement, but this more documentary-style type of session is more about the little “in between” moments and the natural connection with your family and the new little one you’re getting to know.

Do you offer video documentaries of newborns?

Yes, I do offer video coverage of newborns for in-home sessions, where the beautiful candid moments can be captured not only in a still image, but also in a moving, documentary-style film. From baby yawns to big sibling kisses, from tiny feet to cuddles with mum, there are many opportunities to create a stunning video momento of your baby’s first days of life.