The Caesarean Warriors Project began in 2016 with a woman called Kate, and her beautiful caesarean-born daughter. I met Kate and baby E for a newborn photography session, that turned into a beautiful, healing rebirthing ceremony. Then, months later, when Kate asked me if I would photograph her scar, I was so honoured to do that for her. What began as something intended to help her heal, turned into something we both believe can help women all over the world.

We want women to be able to honour their journey, to celebrate their courage and strength, and to find their beauty.

For women over the world, this involves being a part of our supportive space on facebook. You are welcome to reach out for support, share your story and pictures if you wish, and perhaps even write your own letter as Kate did – to your scar, to yourself or to your children, as a way of processing your experience. We will listen and honour you, too.

For women all over Australia, it also brings with it the opportunity to spend time with me, being photographed and having your story and your beautiful letters heard (you can register your interest here).

This project will mean something different to each woman. Each woman is walking her own path, with her own unique and complex emotions. Very importantly, we are all at different stages of our healing journeys and it’s important to respect that. What we do have in common is that we are WARRIORS – courageous, strong and beautiful…..even when we may not believe it just yet.

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