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Beach Life: A Film

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This is Me: Matthew, 4.5 years old

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Milly is Almost TWO!!

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This is Me: Haylee, 6.5 years old

My first birth transformed me into a mother, and was the most challenging physical and mental experience of my life thus far.

My second birth turned my world upside down, and shook me to the core. I had my beautiful baby boy, but I was left knowing deep down that birth was not meant to be that way. This ignited the fire in my belly for women, babies, family and BIRTH, and led me down the path to documenting and supporting families as they experience their own journeys.

I went on to have my third baby at home, gently and peacefully. It was incredibly healing and beautiful.

Each of my own birthing journeys were unique, and each of them taught me so much about myself and the world (as have the 50+ births I have now attended).

I believe that birth should be treated with respect – as the sacred, intimate experience that it is, and not just a “medical event”. Above all, I believe that women should have the right to choose how, where and with whom they birth – and that they should be supported in those choices.

Again, it was after the birth of my second child that I began to understand how important photographs were – how important MEMORIES were. This desire to document my childrens’ lives was, and always will be, the driving force behind my photography work, just as their arrivals into the world have been the driving force behind my birth work.

Despite the fact that my photography is now a business, that I now have the privilege of documenting the lives of other families, I have never forgotten why I started and I never let myself become so busy documenting other people that I forget to document my own.

So here, I share with you some of our family (click on the videos above). Enjoy.


Jen x