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Milly is Almost TWO!!

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This is Me: Haylee, 6.5 years old

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This is Me: Matthew, 4.5 years old

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Beach Life: A Film

If I could describe motherhood in three words, they would be love, beauty and chaos.

But that doesn’t really say it all.

If I could add more, I’d say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I’d also say that it can be utterly exhausting – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Oh, and it’s MESSY. So, so very messy.

It makes me laugh. It makes me cry.

It brings out all my strengths, and all my weaknesses. It shows me the best and the worst parts of myself.

It brings with it such great responsibility, that sometimes seems overwhelming – that we are the ones responsible for raising these children into adulthood. Helping them to become kind, empathetic, loving, capable and GOOD people. No pressure, right?

It is a privilege.

It is relentless.

It can feel like Groundhog Day, and yet somehow each day also brings something new. And just when you think you want to quit, there will be a moment that reminds you why you love it so much.

It is something that I would never choose to change, even on the days where I want to run into the wilderness and just be ALONE.

It’s so much of everything, all rolled into one.

And that is why I’m here. I’m a mother to three beautiful children (who are now significantly bigger than they are in the photo below – I really must update that!), I’m a bagpipe-playing, highland-dancing, netball-loving, nature-loving woman who loves to document life in all its messy glory.

Photography has given me a way to freeze time – to bring me back to the days of motherhood that seem to pass by in a blur when you’re in the midst of them. And to do that for others, too, is such a blessing.

After 6 years of living in the Lockyer Valley, QLD, and photographing many bellies, births, babies and families, a new adventure is now unfolding.

In August 2017, my family is embarking on the trip of a lifetime, something many people only dream of. We are travelling Australia in a caravan, learning, living and loving together. The end date of this adventure is unknown, which is both daunting AND exciting! Follow along at

Along the way, I would love to capture the (extra)ordinary everyday moments of families all over the country. If that’s something you’d love, please get in touch!

Jen x


Jen x