Videos to Prepare Children for Birth

A great way to help children prepare for the reality of labour and birth is to show them. This can help them to understand that birth is really normal and what to expect when it comes time for their baby sibling to be born. It’s important children hear and see birth in order to understand why women vocalize during labour and know the experience can be painful but it is not injurious to mum or baby. Seeing the process of labour can put into perspective the sight of waters releasing, membranes and any blood, the placenta and cord.

This beautiful, peaceful birth at home shows a mother labouring in water while her youngest child potters around, helping to pour water as comfort and even joining in vocalisations during contractions. Her teenaged daughter is also very involved, providing comfort and observing her mother in labour. The video shows the baby’s head crowning and the birth. The baby takes some time to establish breathing and once settled into bed, newborn and big sister have their first breastfeed together.

This black and white video shows a woman labouring in water and birthing on land. The video shows the baby’s head and body being born, and we hear the baby’s first cries. There is lots of lovely skin to skin and the older siblings, who were asleep during the birth, come in soon afterwards to meet their new baby and are clearly besotted.

This lovely, calm birth at home is of a first baby shows the normal sights and sounds of a woman labouring in water. There is no visual of the actual birth, but the baby is brought to the surface of the water immediately. There is footage of the time following birth and the placenta, skin to skin with mum and dad, as well as baby’s first breastfeed.

Siblings present at births can be so excited when the baby is born! This video of a hypnobirth at a birth centre shows a big brother’s happiness when mum announces a new baby brother! The birth itself is in water and can’t be seen, but afterwards the older siblings gather around the birth pool to see and touch their new baby brother.

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Written by Sam McCulloch. Images by The He{ART} of Motherhood.