Would you expect a groom to take his own wedding photos?

No? I certainly wouldn’t.

I would expect a groom to be in the moment on his wedding day. Talking, laughing, having fun, holding hands and kissing his new wife, and leaving the documentation of his special day up to the wedding photographer.

The day a man becomes a father is no different. This day, this story, includes HIM. It will be one of the most important days of his life, and he should NOT be viewing it from behind a lens.

He should be near her side, holding her hand, whispering words of encouragement…..loving and supporting her.

He should be kissing her with joy and pride when their baby is placed on her chest.

He should be stroking his baby’s beautiful soft head and gazing into his brand new baby’s eyes.

He should be cradling his baby in his arms.

These kinds of moments cannot be captured if he is behind the camera.

And whether or not he realises it, these images will be priceless. They will be cherished by his partner, by his child, and by him. Forever.

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