The Maternal Assisted Cesarean of Audrey | Brisbane Birth Photographer

In Australia, over 30% of babies are born via cesarean.

While for some, this can be a disempowering, traumatic experience, it does not have to be that way.

Paris originally planned a VBA5C. Living in semi-rural Queensland, this was no mean feat! After speaking with many care providers and considering all of her options, she instead decided to find an obstetrician who would support a maternal assisted cesarean.

A maternal assisted cesarean is a cesarean in which a mother is able to reach down after her baby’s head has emerged, and bring her baby straight up to her chest. She is an active participant in the birth of her baby. For many women, feeling as though they are in control and a part of the birth experience, that they have choices and that those choices are respected, and that they are able to hold, touch and smell their babies immediately – without being whisked away, rubbed down and bundled up – can make a cesarean birth a positive, empowering experience.

Paris travelled 90km to the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, with an obstetrician that supported her desire for a maternal assisted cesarean. After 5 previous cesareans, and this being their last baby, she longed for a different experience – and this birth, the birth of her seventh child Audrey, is the healing, empowering birth that she longed for.


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